WORK SERVICE SA (39/2018) Addendum to the Share Purchase Agreement in a Subsidiary.

The Management Board of Work Service S.A. (hereinafter referred to as: "The Issuer" or "the Company"), referring to current report number no. 63/2017 of 1 July 2017, hereby informs that on July 31, 2018 the issuer concluded with PROLOGICS (UK) LLP with its registered office in London, registered under no. OC314997 ("Buyer") an Annex to the Share Purchase Agreement for ProService WorldWide (Cyprus) Limited company - established under the laws of the Republic of Cyprus registered under no. HE 209802, with its registered office in Nicosia ("ProService) ("Annex")
Pursuant to the Annex, the following amendments have been introduced:
• the sale of the Second Tranche of shares, i.e. 3,750 shares representing 51% of the ProService share capital shall take place on 1 August 2018.
• The date of payment of the share purchase price was postponed to 30 July 2019.
• The pledge for the Security Agreement will be established after expiry of the pledge on the Shares, established in favour of the consortium of banks BANK BGŻ BNP PARIBAS SA, BANK MILLENNIUM SA, BANK ZACHODNI WBK SA, RAIFFEISEN BANK POLSKA SA, POWSZECHNA KASA OSZCZĘDNOŚCI BANK POLSKI S.A. under a pledge agreement of 18 November 2015, annexed on 13 April 2017, securing a credit facility with the Issuer as its beneficiary.
The remaining provisions of the Contract shall remain unchanged.
As a result of the analysis carried out, the Issuer assumed that qualification of the above-mentioned information as confidential within the meaning of Art. 17 sec. 1 MAR, subject to publication in the form of this report.

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