Vestor DM podnosi rekomendację mBanku do "neutralnie"

W dniu wydania raportu kurs akcji wynosił 439,2 zł.
"Sprzedaż zorganizowanej części przedsiębiorstwa mFinanse, oczekiwania co do wyników za I kw. 2018 roku oraz zmiany w oczekiwanej ścieżce podwyżek stóp procentowych skłoniły nas do obniżenia prognoz zysku netto mBanku o 11 proc. i 10 proc. w 2018 roku i 2019 roku" - napisano w raporcie.
"Nasze prognozy są obecnie 5 proc. poniżej konsensusu, który – w naszej ocenie – nie uwzględnia w pełni utraconych na skutek sprzedaży zorganizowanej części przedsiębiorstwa mFinanse przychodów" - dodano.
W ocenie analityków Vestor DM, ze względu na słabszy w porównaniu do konkurentów profil marży odsetkowej netto i kosztów ryzyka, mBank pozostaje jednym z najmniej rentownych spośród analizowanych przez brokera banków - w latach 2018-2019 Vestor DM oczekuje odpowiednio 8 proc. i 8,6 proc. zwrotu na kapitale własnym banku wobec 9,6 proc. i 10,5 proc. średnio w całym sektorze bankowym.
"Z drugiej jednak strony mBank oferuje solidny wzrost zysku na akcję (9 proc. i 15 proc. rdr w latach 2018-2019), ma możliwość wypłaty dywidendy oraz konsekwentnie zmniejsza udział hipotek walutowych w strukturze kredytów" - napisano w rekomendacji.
"Dlatego też, wycenę na poziomie 15,6-krotności zysku prognozowanego na 2018 rok oraz 1,2-krotności wartości księgowej uważamy za adekwatną" - dodano.
Autorem rekomendacji Vestor DM jest Michał Fidelus. Pierwsze rozpowszechnienie raportu Vestor DM nastąpiło 19 kwietnia, o godzinie 8.00.

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    Banks | Poland Recommendation upgrade
    mBank  We upgrade our rating to Neutral from Sell , with TP
    slightly down to PLN 441 from PLN 443
    Neutral (from Sell)  We cut our adjusted net profit estimates by 11% in
    2018E and by 10% in 2019E.
    TP: PLN 441

    All prices are those current at the end of April 17 , 2018,17:30 unless otherwise indicated. Prices are sourced from local exchanges via Reuters, Bloomberg and other vendors. Da ta is sourced from Vestor DM and subject companies. Investors should consider this report as on ly a single factor in making their investment decision. This document is an investment research within the meaning of article 36.1 Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2017/565 of 25 April 2016 supplementing Dire ctive 2014/65/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council as regards organizational requirements and operating conditions for investment firms and defined terms for the purposes of that Directive.

    19 April 2018 08:00
    Upgrade to Neutral after the share price drop.
    We trim our 12M TP for mBank to PLN 441 from PLN 443 previously, but due to share
    price drop we upgrade our rating to Neutral (from Sell ). Sale of an organized part of
    mFinanse coupled with 1Q18E results and changes in expected interest rates cuts
    prompted us to cut our earnings estimates for mBank by 11 /10 % in 2018 /19 E. Our
    forecasts are 5% below consensus, that – in our view – does not fully reflect revenues
    lost due to sale of mFinanse. Due to poor NIM -CoR profile mBank remains one of the
    least profitable banks in our coverage (in 2018/19E we expect 8.0/8.6% ROE vs. 9.6/
    10.5 % sector median ). However, it offers decent EPS growth (9/15% YoY in 2018/19E),
    is capable to pay dividend and has been co ntinuously reducing its FX mortgage
    exposure. Thus, we see its current valuation at 15.6x 2018E P/E and 1.2x P/BV as fair .
    In this note we present also 1Q18E preview for all the 9 banks in our coverage.
    1Q18 driven by one -off . We expect mBank to report 1Q18 net profit of PLN 377m (72%
    YoY) driven by one -off gain on sale of mFinanse. We expect adjusted earnings though to
    drop 6% YoY (to PLN 287m) negatively affected by higher provisions (74% YoY) and costs
    (5% YoY) that should mo re than offset strong NII (10% YoY ) and F&C (5% YoY).
    We cut our 2018/19E estimates by 11/ 10 %. Sales of mFinanse coupled with 4Q17
    results and changes in expected interest rates cuts (we now assume 25bp hike in 4Q19
    vs. 2x25bp in 3/4Q18 previously) prompte d us to cut our earnings estimates by 11% in
    2018E and by 10 % in 2019E. Our 2018/19E forecasts are 5% below consensus.
    We expect downgrades in consensus estimates . In March 2018 mBank finalized sale of
    an organized pa rt of mFinanse. The bank expects to report PLN 177m one -off gain in
    1Q18 and up to PLN 190m spread over the next 6 years. According to our estimates the
    sold part of mFinanse added to mBank’s 2017 consolidated revenues c. PLN 90m ( 10%
    of net fee income ). However, s tarting in 2Q18 it will no longer support the bank’s
    revenues , what - in our view – is yet not fully reflected in consensus estimates.
    Valuation sounds fair . At our forecasts mBank is trading at 15.6x 2018E P/E and 1.2x
    P/BV, with 4% premium and 10% discount to peers, respectively. Given expected EPS
    growth on one hand and below average profitability on the other hand, we see its
    current valuation as fair .
    CHF risk declining, but still on . While mBank has been successfully reducing its FX
    mortgage risk, with 21% share of FX mortgages in total loans it remains one of the most
    exposed Polish banks. We maintain our assumption of PLN 4.8bn FX conversion sector
    cost resulting from a quarterly contribution at 0.2% of FX loan book , that would consume
    c. 13 % of net profit in the first year and 4% of BV over the next 5 years .
    Figure 1. mBank – Key data , 201 5-20 20 E
    2015 2016 2017 2018E 2019E 2020E
    Adjusted net profit (PLNm) 1 180 996 1 092 1 191 1 371 1 504
    YoY change (%) -8% -16% 10% 9% 15% 10%
    Adjusted ROE (%) 10.1% 7.9% 8.0% 8.0% 8.6% 8.9%
    P/E (x) adjusted 15.7 18.6 17.0 15.6 13.6 12.4
    P/BV (x) 1.5 1.4 1.3 1.2 1.1 1.1
    DPS* (PLN) 0.0 0.0 5.1 9.9 13.3 14.6
    DY* (%) 0.0% 0.0% 1.2% 2.3% 3.0% 3.3%
    * from the year’s earnings. Source: Company data, Vestor DM estimates
    Company data
    Rating Neutral
    Target Price (PLN) 441.0
    Market Price (PLN) 439.2
    Upside/ downside 0%
    Previous rating Sell
    Previous Target Price (PLN) 443.0
    Min (52W) 372.7
    Max (52W) 538.0
    Market cap ( PLNm ) 18,583
    Avg. 3M Turnover (PLN m) 7.8
    Shareholders %
    Commerzbank AG 69.4% Other 30.6% Company description
    mBank is the fourt h largest bank in Poland with almost 7% market share in assets and 271 branches. The bank has a strong exposure to corporate loans (44% of the loan book) and FX mortgage loans (21% vs. 17% PLN mortgage loans). Consumer loans constitute 15% of mBank’s loan book. mBank vs. WIG vs. WIG Banks 12M relative price performance rebased
    Source: Bloomberg, Vestor DM

    Michał Fidelus
    Head of Research
    (+48) 22 378 9212
    [email protected]

    kwi 17 lip 17 paź 17 sty 18 kwi 18
    MBK WIG WIG Banki

    mBank | April 2018
    Page | 17
    This report has been prepared by Vestor Dom Maklerski S.A. (“Vestor”), with its registered office in Warsaw, al. Jana Pawła II 22, 00 -133 Warsaw, registered by the District Court for the capital city Warsaw, XII Commercial Division of the National Court Register under the number KR S 0000277384, Taxpayer Iden tification No. 1080003081, with share capital amounting to PLN 1 811 570 fully paid up, entity that is subject to the regula tions of the Act on Trading in Financial Instruments dated July 29th 2005 (Journal of Laws of 201 7, item 1768 - consolidated text, further amended), Act on Public Offering, Conditions Governing the Introduction of Financial Instruments to Organised Trading, and Public Companies dated July 29th 2005 (Journal of Laws of 2016, item 1639 consolidated text, further amended), Act on Capital Market Supervision dated July 29th 2005 (Journal of Laws of 2016 item 1289 consolidated text, further amended).
    Vestor is subject to the supervision of the Polish Financial Supervisory Authority (“PFSA”) and this document has been prepar ed within the leg al scope of the activity of Vestor.
    This document is an investment research within the meaning of article 36.1 Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2017/565 of 2 5 April 2016 supplementing Directive 2014/65/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council a s regards organisational requirements and operating conditions for investment firms and defined terms for the purposes of that Directive.
    This document is a recommendation within the meaning of the "Delegated Commission Regulation (EU) No 2016/958 of 9 Mar ch 2016 supplementing Regulation (EU) No 596/2014 of the European Parliament and of the Council with regard to regulatory technical standards regar ding technical means for objective purposes presentation of investment recommendations or other information r ecommending or suggesting an investment strategy and disclosure of particular interests or indications of conflicts of interest ”.
    Please note that this research was originally prepared and issued by Vestor for distribution to their market professional and institutional investors as defined under the above indicated regulations and to other qualified customers of Vestor entitled to ga in recommendations based on the brokerage services agreements. Recipients who are not market professional or institutional investor customers of Vestor should seek the advice o f their independent financial advisor prior to taking any investment decision ba sed on this report or for any necessary explanation of its contents.
    Vestor may not have taken any steps to ensure that the financial instruments referred to in this report are suitable for any particular investor, therefore in the preparation of this doc ument Vestor not take into account individual needs and situation of the investor.. Vestor will not treat recipients of this report as its customers by virtue of their receiving this report. The investments and services contained or referred to in this rep ort may not be suitable for you and it is recommended that you consult an independent investment advisor if you are in doubt about such investments or investment servi ces. Recipients must make their own determination of the appropriateness of an investment in any instruments referred to herein based on the merits and risks involved, their own investment strategy and their legal, fiscal and financial position.
    Recipients of this report must make their own determination of the appropriateness of an investment in any instruments referred to herein based on the merits and risks involved, their own investment strategy and their legal and financial position.
    Nothing in this report constitutes investment, legal, accounting or tax advice, or a representation that an y investment or strategy is suitable or appropriate to your individual circumstances, or otherwise constitutes a personal recommendation to you. Vestor does not advise on the tax c onsequences of investments and you are advised to contact an independent tax adviser. Please note in particular that the bases and levels of taxation may change.
    This report is for information purposes only and (i) does not constitute or form part of any offer for sale or subscription o f or solicitation of any offer to buy or sub scribe for any financial instruments, (ii) is neither intended as such an offer for sale or subscription of or solicitation o f an offer to buy or subscribe for any financial instruments (iii) as an advertisement thereof.
    This document has been prepared wi th due diligence, reliability and objectivity principles and based on publicly available information including information published by the Issuer. Our recommendations, information and opinions contained herein have been compiled or gathered by Ves tor from public sources believed to be reliable, however Vestor and its affiliates shall have no responsibility or liability whatsoever in respect of any inaccuracy in or omission from this document prepared by Vestor or sent by Vestor to any person. This document expresses the knowledge and opinions of the authors as at the date of preparation. Any such person shall be responsible for conducting his own investigation and analysis of the information contai ned or referred to in this document and of evaluating the me rits and risks involved in the financial instruments forming the subject matter of this document.
    This report may provide the addresses of, or contain hyperlinks to, websites. Except to the extent to which the report refers to website of Vestor, Vestor ha s not reviewed any such site and takes no responsibility for the content contained therein. Such address or hyperlink (includin g addresses or hyperlinks to Vestor' own website material) is provided solely for your convenience and information and the conten t of any such website does not in any way form part of this document.
    This report may contain recommendations, information and opinions that are not directed to, or intended for distribution to or use by, any person or entity who is a citizen or resident of or located in any locality, state, country or jurisdiction where such distribution, publication, availability or use would be contrary to law or applicable regulations or which would be subject for Vestor or its affiliates to any registration or licensi ng requirement within such jurisdiction, in particular in jurisdictions where Vestor is not already registered or licensed to trade in financial instruments.
    This material may relate to investments or financial instruments of an entity located outside te rritory of the Republic of Poland, which are not regulated by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority or other relevant authority. Any further details as to where this may be the case is available upon request.
    Past performance should not be taken as an indication or guarantee of future performance, and no representation or wa rranty, express or implied, is made regarding future performance. The price, value of and income from any of the securities or financial instruments mentioned in this report can fall as well as

    mBank | April 2018
    Page | 18
    rise. The value of securities and financial instruments is sub ject to exchange rate fluctuation that may have a positive or adverse effect on the price or income of such securities or financial instruments.
    Some investments discussed in this report may have a high level of volatility. High volatility investments may experience sudden and large falls in their value causing losses when that investment is realised. Those losses may equal your original investment. Indeed, in the case of some investments the potential losses may exceed the amount of initial investment and, in such circumstances, you may be required to pay more money to support those losses. Some investments may not be readily realisable and it may be difficult to sell or realise those investments, similarly it may prove difficult for you to obtain reliable information about the value, or risks, to which such an investment is exposed.
    During the last 12 months Vestor has not been a party to agreements relating to the offering of financial instruments issued by Issuer and connected with the price of financial instruments issued by Issuer .
    During the last 12 months Vestor was not a member of syndicate for financial instruments issued by Issuer.
    Vestor did not buy or sell any financial instruments issued by the Issuer on its own account, in order to realize investment subissue or service ag reements.
    Vestor does not act as a market maker and as issuer’s market maker, on principles specified in the Regulations of the Warsaw Stock Exchange, for the shares of Issuer.
    During the last 12 months Vestor has not received remuneration for providing se rvices for the Issuer.
    Vestor does not hold shares of the Issuer or any financial instruments of the Issuer being the subject of this document, in t he amount reaching at least 5% of the share capital. Analyst who participated in the preparation of this doc ument do not own and not owned in the past shares issued by the Issuer.
    Vestor does not, directly or indirectly, hold financial instruments issued by the Issuer or financial instruments whose value significantly depends on the value of financial instruments issued by the Issuer. However, it cannot be ruled out that, in the period of the next twelve months or the period in which this recommendation is in force, Vestor or its affiliates will submit an offer to provide services for the Issuer or will purchase or dispose of financial instruments issued by the Issuer or whose value depends on the value of financial instruments issued by the Issuer.
    Vestor or its affiliates may, to the extent permitted by law, participate or invest in financing transactions with the Issuer, provide services for, solicit business services for the Issuer, have the possibility or execute transactions in financial instruments issued by the Issuer.
    Vestor may, to the extent permitted by Polish law and other applicable law or regulations, provide investment banking services and manage the portfolio of financial instruments or encourage the use of such services of the company/companies referred to in this report.
    Except for brokerage agreements with clients under which Vestor sells and buys the shares of the Issuer at the order of its clients, Vestor is not party to any agreement which would depend on the valuation of the financial instruments discussed in this document.
    Remuneration received by the persons who prepare t his document may be dependent, in an indirect way, from financial results gained from investment banking transactions, related to financial instruments issued by the Issuer, made by Vestor or its affiliates.
    The members of Vestor governing bodies and its e mployees may, in the scope not disclosed above and permitted by law, hold long or short positions or have a commitment to investments (including derivative instruments) to which this report refers to more than 0.5% of all issued sh ares by the Issuer .Analy sts preparing this report are employed by Vestor on the basis of an employment contract signed.
    Analysts of Vestor have acted with due diligence in the preparation of this report. This analysis of the relevant companies a nd securities is based on the pers onal opinions of the analysts about mentioned companies and securities.
    All estimates and opinions included in the report represent the independent judgment of the analysts as of the date of the issue.
    Neither Vestor nor any of their respective directors , officers or employees nor any other person accepts any liability whatsoever (in negligence or otherwise) for any loss howsoever arising from any use of this document or its contents or otherwise arising in connection therewith.
    Vestor is not obliged to t ake any actions which could cause financial instruments that are the subject of the valuation contained in this document to b e valued by the market in accordance with the valuation contained in this document.
    Vestor reserves the right to modify the views e xpressed herein at any time without notice. Moreover, we reserve the right not to update this information or to discontinue it altogether without notice.
    Vestor may have issued, and may in the future issue, other reports that are inconsistent with, and re ach different conclusions from, the information presented in this report. Those reports reflect the different assumptions, views and analytical methods of the analysts who prepared th em and Vestor is under no obligation to ensure that such other reports ar e brought to the attention of any recipient of this report.
    The date on the first page of this report is the date of preparation and publication of the document.
    The recommendation issued by Vestor is valid for 12 months from the date of its publication o r until the expected exchange rate is reached, unless the recommendation is updated within that period. In the next 12 months Vestor intends to spend at least an update of this report . In the case where recommendation refers to several companies, the name “Issuer” will apply to all of them.
    Over the last three months, excluding recommendation contained in this report, Vestor issued 7 Buy recommendations, 0 Accumul ate recommendations, 2 Neutral recommendations, 0 Reduce recommendations and 0 Sell recommendat ions. In addition to the above, Vestor DM issued 4 recommendations without pointing the investment direction or target price, including 3 acting within the Equity Research Partner commercial publications within the meaning of art. 36 par. 2 of Commission D elegated Regulation (EU) 2017/565 of 25 April 2016 supplementing Directive 2014/65 / EU of the European Parliament and of the Council with regard to organizational requirements and operating conditions of investment firms and concepts defined for the purpo ses of this directive, which do not indicated the investment direction. The proportion of issuers number corresponding to each of the above directions of recommendation, for which Vestor has rendered investment banking services within last 12 months is 23% .

    mBank | April 2018
    Page | 19
    Additional information is available on request.
    If this report is being distributed by a financial institution other than Vestor, or its affiliates, that financial institution is solely responsible for distribution. Clients of that i nstitution should contact that institution to effect a transaction in the securities mentioned in this report or require furt her information. This report does not constitute investment advice by Vestor to the clients of the distributing financial instituti on, and neither Vestor, its affiliates, and their respective officers, directors and employees accept any liability whatsoever for any direct or consequential loss arising fro m their use of this report or its content.
    All trademarks and logos used in this report are trademarks or logos of Vestor or its affiliates. Vestor is an author of this document. All material presented in this report, unless specifically indicated otherwise, is under copyright to Vestor. None of the material, nor its content, no r any copy of it, may be altered in any way, transmitted to, copied or distributed to any other party, without the prior express written permission of Vestor.
    Vestor DM is the author of this document.
    Copyright © 201 8 Vestor Dom Maklerski S.A. and/or its affilia tes. All rights reserved.
    A description of the organization mechanisms of Chinese walls aimed to prevent the conflicts of interest:
    Vestor has adopted "Procedure of managing conflicts of interest in Vestor Dom Maklerski SA", which defines the procedure fo r the prevention and effective management of conflicts of interest by eliminating the risk of the possible damage relating to interest of the customer, as w ell as specify the means and procedures for managing such conflicts of interest. Responsibilities in the matter of prevention, management and monitoring in the event of a conflict of interest are performed by designated organizational entity whose employees have the following tools that ensure proper execut ion of these tasks: (i) access to all documents of both the Company and the subsidiary company, (ii) the right to request provide explanations for all employees, (iii) the a bility to analyze own transactions concluded by the Related persons.
    Vestor applies the following mechanisms to prevent conflicts o f interest, and in the case of such a conflict - to manage and monitor them in order to prevent potential negative effects on the interests of customers:
    a) Independence of managing: to ensure operational independence of each organizational unit Vestor, wh ich means in particular that (i) there is no possibility of negative affecting by third parties on the exercise of employee actions related to the conduct of the Vestor activity, (ii ) the scope of tasks the organizational unit is assigned to the organizati onal unit, and as a rule does not intersect with the scope of other organizational units;
    b) Independence of remuneration: Vestor prevents a direct relationship between the amount of salaries of employees performing specific activities in the field of brok erage activity, with remuneration or profits achieved by persons performing another kind that constitute or may constitute a source of conflict of interest;
    c) Effective supervision: providing supervision of employees performing as part of its core brokerages activities tasks for and on behalf of clients in the field of activities Vestor, activities which cause or may result in a conflict of interest between clients, or the interests of the cl ient and Vestor in including:
    i. the internal reporting sy stem is to provide immediate information to the persons responsible for overseeing compliance with the principles set out in the Regulations for the event of a conflict of interest or risk of its origin;
    ii. supervising their own transactions made by indiv iduals, periodic inspection and assessment of the effectiveness of implemented by Vestor control systems and procedures; conducting the legally required registers and records, primarily registry conflicts of interest assoc iated with a significant risk of damage to client interests;
    d) Refusal of action: the right to refuse the Vestor activity to the client, if given the commitment to specific activity on behalf of another client Vestor cannot effectively manage potential conflicts of interest, or prevent th is regulatory restrictions or internal regulations;
    e) The division of functions: the organization of employees' tasks are aimed at eliminating cases simultaneously or one after the other following the exercise of the employee's duties within the various s ervices provided by the Vestor, if that could have a negative impact on the proper management of conflicts of interest;
    f) Chinese walls: Vestor take any action to prevent the flow of information between related persons performing as part of the activities carried out by Vestor which cause or may cause a conflict of interest, if such exchanges of information may harm the interests of the client or cli ents, or provide oversight of the information flow when the flow of such is required.

    Note on what the eval uation of equities is based:
    Buy/Accumulate/Neutral/Reduce/Sell – means that, according to the authors of this document, the stock price may perform materially better/better/neutrally/worse/materially worse than the cost of equity of the respective stock.
    The recommendation system of Vestor is based on determination of target prices and their relations to current prices of finan cial instruments; in addition, when recommendations are addressed to a wide range of recipients, two methods of valuation are requi red.
    In preparing this document Vestor applied at least two of the following valuation methods:
    1) Discounted cash flows (DCF),
    2) Comparative valuation (including ROE -p/BV model),
    3) Target multiple,
    4) Scenario analysis,

    mBank | April 2018
    Page | 20
    5) Dividend discount model (DDM),
    6) net asset value (NAV),
    7) Sum of the parts,
    8) Discounted residual income model (DRIM),
    9) Risk -adjusted net present value (rNPV).
    The discounted cash flows valuation method (DCF) is based on discounted expected future cash flows. The method includes all cash flows the issuer is expected to generate in a given period and the cost of money over time. However, the DCF valuation method requires a number of assumpt ions and is very sensitive to changes in parameters used in the in the model. Small changes in assumptions may result in material changes in the valuation.
    The comparative valuation method is based on the rule of “one price”. The advantages of the method include 1) a small number of parameters to be estimated, 2) the fact that there is a relativ ely large number of indicators for companies being compared, 3) The method is well -known among investors, 4) valuation is based on current market conditions. On the other hand, a comparative valuation is strongly sensitive to the valuation of the companies classified as peers and may lead to a simplified picture of the company valued.
    The target multiple valuation approach is based on the assumption that the value of the company should be equal to pre -specified values of selected price multiples. The advan tage of this method is its simplicity and applicability to almost all of the companies. The target multiple approach is a hig hly subjective method, though.
    The scenario analysis approach is based on the probability weighted valuation for three sets of ass umptions: Bear case , base case and bull case with a different probability assigned. The base case is based on the assumptions included in financial forecasts and DCF valuation. The bear/bull case scenarios present a sensitivity towards negative/positive changes in various assumptions including market size, market shares, profitability, growth, capex, valuation multiples etc. The advantage of this method is presentation of various scenarios and valuation sensitivity. A complexity and sensitivity to probab ility weights assumption may be found as disadvantages.
    The dividend discount model (DDM) valuation is based on discounted future dividends that are expected to be paid out by the c ompany over a period of time. The DDM model includes real cash streams that are expected to be received by shareholders and may be applied to companies with long -term dividend payout history. However, the DDM valuation method requires a number of assumptions.
    The net asset value (NAV) approach considers the underlying value of the company’s individual assets net of its liabilities. Among the advantages of the NAV approach are its applicability to asset holding companies and the fact that data required are usually easy to reach. On the o ther hand the NAV approach does not take in to account future changes in revenues or income and can underestimate the value of intangible assets.
    The sum of the parts approach values a company on the back of valuations of its separate divisions. The method is applicable to companies with very differ ent business profiles, but requires identification of peers for business divisions comparison, what may be difficult to achieve.
    The discounted residual income model includes equity at the end of a given financial year, excess equity (return on equity ov er cost of equity) the company is expected to generate in the estimation period and a discounted residual value post -estimation period. On one hand, the method includes profitability of the company compared to a cost of equity, but on the other hand it is st rongly dependent on a number of parameters and assumptions.
    The risk -adjusted net present value (rNPV) is a method used to forecast future cash flows in high -risk projects. In biotechnology, rNPV method involves forecasting future cash flows and applying p robability rates of different phases of drug development. The main advantage of this method is the fact that it takes into account probability of success. The disadvantage of this method is the large number of assumptions and the high le vel of computationa l complexity.
    Terminology used in the recommendation:
    P/E – price -earnings ratio
    PEG - P/E to growth ratio
    EPS - earnings per share
    P/BV – price -book value
    BV – book value
    EV/EBITDA – enterprise value to EBITDA
    EV – enterprise value (market capitalization plus net debt)
    EBITDA – earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization
    EBIT – earnings before interest and tax
    NOPAT – net operational profit after taxation
    FCF - free cash flows
    ROE – return on equity
    WACC - weighted average cost of capi tal
    CAGR – cumulative average annual growth
    CPI – consumer price index
    COE – cost of equity
    L-F-L – like for like
    Recommendation definitions:
    Buy - indicates a stock's total return to exceed more than 1.5x respective cost of equity over the next twelve mon ths.
    Accumulate - indicates a stock's total return to exceed more than respective cost of equity over the next twelve months.
    Neutral - indicates a stock's total return to be in range of 0% to respective cost of equity over the next twelve months.
    Reduce - indicates a stock's total return to be in range of minus respective cost of equity to 0% over the next twelve months.

    mBank | April 2018
    Page | 21
    Sell - indicates a stock's total return to be less than minus respective cost of equity over the next twelve months.
    List of all recommendations issued by Vestor in the last 12 months: Company Recommendation Date Analyst TP Current price at the time of publication of the recommendation
    Recommendation Time horizon
    Archicom 2017 -04-19 Marek Szymański 22.5 16.2 Not rated 12M Grupa Azoty 2017 -04-25 Katarzyna Włodarczyk 62.1 68.9 Sell 12M Mercator Medical 2017 -04-27 Aleksandra Jakubowska 25.1 18.0 Not rated 12M KGHM 2017 -05-11 Marcin Stebakow 121 116 Neutral 12M JSW 2017 -05-11 Marcin Stebakow 112 78 Buy 12M 11 Bit Studios 2017 -05-12 Jakub Rafał 255.8 177.2 Buy 12M Warimpex 2017 -05-29 Marek Szymański 5.66 5.11 Not rated 12M Kruk 2017 -06-02 Michał Fidelus 316.0 300.9 Neutral 12M Vigo System 2017 -06-12 Beata Szparaga -Waśniewska 468 372 Not rated 12M Ciech 2017 -06-13 Katarzyna Włodarczyk 72.3 65.4 Neutral 12M Wawel 2017 -06-14 Marcin Stebakow 1368.0 1175 Buy 12M Colian 2017 -06-30 Marcin Stebakow 3.48 3.50 Not rated 12M Marvipol 2017 -07-13 Marek Szymański 18.0 12.7 Not rated 12M PKO BP 2017 -07-24 Michał Fidelus 34.0 35.8 Reduce 12M Pekao 2017 -07-24 Michał Fidelus 140.0 128.0 Accumulate 12M BZ WBK 2017 -07-24 Michał Fidelus 349.0 362.5 Reduce 12M mBank 2017 -07-24 Michał Fidelus 380.0 460.0 Sell 12M ING BSK 2017 -07-24 Michał Fidelus 191.0 189.0 Neutral 12M Handlowy 2017 -07-24 Michał Fidelus 71.0 68.1 Neutral 12M Millennium 2017 -07-24 Michał Fidelus 7.1 7.5 Reduce 12M Alior 2017 -07-24 Michał Fidelus 68.0 60.5 Accumulate 12M Getin Noble Bank 2017 -07-24 Michał Fidelus 1.58 1.45 Neutral 12M Grupa Azoty 2017 -07-28 Katarzyna Włodarczyk 75.0 67.6 Accumulate 12M JSW 2017 -08-09 Marcin Stebakow 102.0 90.5 Buy 12M Ciech 2017 -08-10 Katarzyna Włodarczyk 68.0 62.5 Neutral 12M Lotos 2017 -08-21 Beata Szparaga -Waśniewska 56.0 51.0 Neutral 12M Getback 2017 -08-25 Michał Fidelus 26.6 21.8 Accumulate 12M KGHM 2017 -08-28 Marcin Stebakow 153.0 126.0 Buy 12M Wawel 2017 -08-30 Marcin Stebakow 1153 990 Buy 12M Mercator Medical 2017 -09-07 Aleksandra Jakubowska 23.1 18.0 Not rated 12M Kruk 2017 -09-14 Michał Fidelus 340.0 311.0 Accumulate 12M Bogdanka 2017 -09-21 Marcin Stebakow 95.0 78.0 Buy 12M JSW 2017 -09-28 Marcin Stebakow 107 93 Buy 12M MZN Property 2017 -10-04 Aleksandra Jakubowska 2.0 1.45 Not rated 12M Warimpex 2017 -10-11 Marek Szymański 7.3 6.73 Not rated 12M ATC Cargo 2017 -10-13 Marcin Stebakow 3.0 2.0 Not rated 12M LPP 2017 -10-19 Marek Szymański 6962.0 7960.0 Sell 12M CCC 2017 -10-19 Marek Szymański 322.0 265.3 Buy 12M PKO BP 2017 -10-24 Michał Fidelus 35.0 36.7 Reduce 12M Pekao 2017 -10-24 Michał Fidelus 139 125.2 Accumulate 12M BZ WBK 2017 -10-24 Michał Fidelus 370 356 Neutral 12M mBank 2017 -10-24 Michał Fidelus 393 452.5 Reduce 12M ING BSK 2017 -10-24 Michał Fidelus 193 191.2 Neutral 12M Handlowy 2017 -10-24 Michał Fidelus 75.0 70.0 Neutral 12M Millennium 2017 -10-24 Michał Fidelus 7.7 7.55 Neutral 12M Alior Bank 2017 -10-24 Michał Fidelus 80.0 70.2 Buy 12M Getin Noble 2017 -10-24 Michał Fidelus 1.40 1.53 Reduce 12M Marvipol 2017 -10-24 Marek Szymański 19.0 13 Not rated 12M KGHM 2017 -11-23 Marcin Stebakow 134 114.25 Buy 12M JSW 2017 -11-29 Marcin Stebakow 86.8 90.2 Reduce 12M Vigo System 2017 -12-05 Beata Szparaga -Waśniewska 455 305 Not rated 12M LW Bogdanka 2017 -12-07 Marcin Stebakow 75 95 Accumulate 12M Śnieżka 2017 -12-08 Aleksandra Jakubowska 63 69 Not rated 12M Dom Development 2017 -12-14 Marek Szymański 90 83.4 Accumulate 12M Atal 2017 -12-14 Marek Szymański 43 41.0 Neutral 12M LC Corp 2017 -12-14 Marek Szymański 3.3 2.7 Buy 12M Robyg 2017 -12-14 Marek Szymański 4.1 3.5 Accumulate 12M Lokum Deweloper 2017 -12-14 Marek Szymański 23 16.55 Buy 12M Archicom 2017 -12-14 Marek Szymański 23 15.39 Not rated 12M PKO BP 2018 -01-08 Michał Fidelus 45 44.3 Neutral 12M Pekao 2018 -01-08 Michał Fidelus 152 134.3 Buy 12M BZ WBK 2018 -01-08 Michał Fidelus 442 408.4 Accumulate 12M mBank 2018 -01-08 Michał Fidelus 443 496 Sell 12M ING BSK 2018 -01-08 Michał Fidelus 222 215 Neutral 12M Handlowy 2018 -01-08 Michał Fidelus 86 83 Neutral 12M Millenium 2018 -01-08 Michał Fidelus 8.9 9.4 Reduce 12M Alior 2018 -01-08 Michał Fidelus 87 78 Accumulate 12M Getin Noble Bank 2018 -01-08 Michał Fidelus 1.55 1.71 Reduce 12M PKN 2018 -01-09 Beata Szparaga -Waśniewska 117 106.7 Neutral 12M Lotos 2018 -01-09 Beata Szparaga -Waśniewska 54 57.4 Reduce 12M PKP Cargo 2018 -02-14 Marcin Stebakow 68 58.8 Buy 12M BZ WBK 2018 -02-21 Michał Fidelus 436 385.8 Buy 12M Wielton 2018 -02-23 Marcin Górnik 15.3 12.36 Buy 12M Selvita 2018 -03-20 Beata Szparaga -Waśniewska 85 59 Not rated 12M JSW 2018 -03-22 Marcin Stebakow 99 95.3 Neutral 12M Marvipol Development 2018 -03-26 Marek Szymański 8.9 8.7 Not rated 12M Kruk 2018 -03-28 Michał Fidelus 286 208 Buy 12M British Automotive Holding 2018 -03-28 Marek Szymański 10.5 8.3 Not rated 12M
    Aplisens 2018 -04-04 Michał Wojciechowski 15.1 12.9 Buy 12M Wielton 2018 -04-05 Marcin Górnik 16.0 13.7 Buy 12M KGHM 2018 -04-16 Marcin Stebakow 110.0 92.0 Buy 12M LPP 2018 -04-18 Marek Szymański 9000 8965 Neutral 12M CCC 2018 -04-18 Marek Szymański 310 272 Buy 12M

    Treść w podglądzie może zawierać błędy powstałe podczas konwersji plików pdf.

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Nazwa:mBank SA
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Adres: ul. Senatorska 18 00-950 Warszawa
Telefon:+48 22 8290000
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2019-07-30Raport półroczny
2019-10-30Raport za III kwartał
2020-03-03Raport roczny
2019-07-30Raport półroczny
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